200+ Funny Boat Name Ideas

200+ Funny Boat Name Ideas


In this article, we’ll explore 200+ funny boat name ideas that will tickle your funny bone and make your boat stand out from the crowd. When it comes to owning a boat, choosing the right name can be a delightful endeavor. A funny boat name not only sets your vessel apart but also brings smiles to the faces of everyone who sees it. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a first-time boat owner, having a witty boat name can add an extra touch of humor and personality to your maritime adventures.

Factors to Consider for a Funny Boat Name

Before we dive into the list of boat name ideas, let’s consider what makes a boat name truly humorous. A funny boat name often involves wordplay, puns, and clever references that showcase your creativity. It should also align with your personality and the spirit of your boat. So, let your imagination run wild as you pick the perfect name for your beloved watercraft.

Nautical Themed Funny Boat Names

  1. “Reely Nauti” – A playful twist on the phrase “really naughty” for a boat with a mischievous streak.
  2. “Sailin’ Fails” – A humorous acknowledgment that sailing doesn’t always go smoothly.
  3. “Anchorman” – A clever wordplay blending the nautical term “anchor” with a famous movie title.
  4. “Fishin’ Magician” – For a boat that seems to attract fish like magic.

Pop Culture References Boat Names

  1. “Boatie McBoatface” – A nod to the internet’s humor and a play on a famous public naming poll.
  2. “May the Sea Be With You” – Perfect for fans of a galaxy far, far away.
  3. “Titanic’s Revenge” – A funny take on a historical tragedy.

Play on Words Boat Names

  1. “Seas the Day” – Encouraging everyone to embrace the moment and enjoy the sea.
  2. “Knot Paid For” – A witty name for a boat that’s yet to be fully owned.
  3. “A Boat Time” – A play on “about time,” expressing the excitement of being on the water.

Animal-Inspired Funny Boat Names

  1. “Seal the Deal” – A clever play on words with a marine animal twist.
  2. “Whale Hello There” – A friendly greeting with a massive marine mammal reference.
  3. “Shrimply Irresistible” – For a small boat that’s simply adorable.

Food and Beverage Boat Names

  1. “S.S. Gravy Boat” – A humorous culinary reference for boat-loving foodies.
  2. “Tequila Mockingbird” – A witty blend of a classic novel and a popular drink.

Weather-Related Funny Boat Names

  1. “Gone With the Wind” – A playful reference to a famous movie title and the unpredictability of the wind.
  2. “Sunny Disposition” – For a boat that brings sunshine and cheer wherever it goes.

Sports-Themed Boat Names

  1. “Cruise Control” – A boat name that cleverly ties in with sports cars and a relaxed sailing experience.
  2. “Splash Dunk” – Combining basketball and boating in a fun and unexpected way.

Hobbies and Interests Boat Names

  1. “Reel Therapy” – A perfect name for fishing enthusiasts seeking relaxation on the water.
  2. “Sailor’s Serenade” – For those who find solace in the gentle melody of the sea.

Famous Quotes Turned Boat Names

  1. “To Sea or Not to Sea” – A witty adaptation of Shakespeare’s famous quote.
  2. “I’m the Captain Now” – A playful reference to a memorable movie line.

Names with Puns and Rhymes

  1. “The Codfather” – A punny tribute to a beloved movie character and a popular fish.
  2. “Boat-iful Day” – A delightful play on “beautiful” for a day on the boat.

Classic Jokes as Boat Names

  1. “Knotty Buoy” – A classic pun that boat enthusiasts will appreciate.
  2. “Pier Pressure” – A witty name that humorously conveys the influence of the dockside environment.

Movie and Book Parody Boat Names

  1. “The Da Vinci Float” – A playful take on a famous book title.
  2. “Jurassic Ark” – Merging prehistoric creatures with the biblical vessel for a humorous boat name.

Some other  funny boat name ideas  for you:


  1. Unsinkable II
  2. Seas The Day
  3. Knot On Call
  4. Breaking Wind
  5. Ship Happens
  6. Ahoy Matey
  7. Bow Movement
  8. Pier Pressure
  9. Fish N’ Sips
  10. The Codfather
  11. Knot Paid For
  12. Fishful Thinking
  13. Buoys N The Hood
  14. Vitamin Sea
  15. Seaduction
  16. Yachtzee
  17. Liquid Asset
  18. Buoyancy Check
  19. Ship for Brains
  20. Miss Behavin’
  21. Ship-Faced
  22. Nautical Nonsense
  23. Time Wasted
  24. Aquaholic
  25. Ship and Giggles
  26. Pug Boat
  27. Sea-cret Hideaway
  28. No Wake Zone
  29. Gravy Boat
  30. Squid Pro Quo
  31. Ship’s Ahoy!
  32. Naughty-Cal
  33. The Sea Hare
  34. Bait Master
  35. Wharf Rat
  36. Water You Waiting For
  37. High Tide Ride
  38. Reel Nauti
  39. Sea-esta
  40. Sea Senorita
  41. Your Plaice or Mine?
  42. Koi Story
  43. Feeling Nauti
  44. Berth Control
  45. Aqua Therapy
  46. Flounder Pounder
  47. Overboard Boss
  48. Knot Working
  49. Sea Siren
  50. Coddiwomple
  51. Reel Busy
  52. Whatever Floats Your Boat
  53. Rudder Madness
  54. The Loan Ranger
  55. The Abandon Ship
  56. Bobbing Buoy
  57. Ship Storm
  58. Wave Runner
  59. Sub-Standard
  60. Sailor’s Delight
  61. Sinker Swim
  62. Captain Crunch
  63. Kraken Up
  64. What’s Up Dock?
  65. License to Chill
  66. Nauti Buoy
  67. Ocean Commotion
  68. Sink or Swim
  69. Moor Often Than Knot
  70. Dances with Waves
  71. Sea Ducer
  72. Feeling Groggy
  73. Rock Bottom
  74. Pier Review
  75. Oar Else
  76. Whaley Fast
  77. Port Starboard
  78. Mermaid’s Mansion
  79. Fish n’ Chips
  80. Catfish Coaster
  81. H2Oh!
  82. Ducking Docks
  83. Wavy Navy
  84. Salty Dog
  85. Buoy, Oh Buoy!
  86. Gill-ty as Charged
  87. Wet Dream
  88. Hook, Line & Sinker
  89. Sea Legs
  90. Sailor’s Surprise
  91. Who’s your Paddy?
  92. Ship Tease
  93. Son of a Beach
  94. Bottoms Up
  95. Knot My Problem
  96. Who’s Your Captain
  97. Yachts All, Folks!
  98. Bay Watch
  99. Never Bored Onboard
  100. Buoys Will Be Buoys
  101. Nauti Girl
  102. She Got The House
  103. For Sail By Owner
  104. My Escape Plan
  105. Poor Sailor’s Yacht
  106. The Impulsive Buy
  107. Sails Call
  108. Popeye’s Punch
  109. Bilge Rat
  110. Seaduced
  111. Aweigh From It All
  112. Booze Cruise
  113. Ship Outta Luck
  114. Fish & Sips
  115. The Office Retreat
  116. It’s About Time
  117. Nauti By Nature
  118. Bad Buoy
  119. The Cod’s Wallop
  120. Reel Deal
  121. Sail La Vie
  122. Second Wind
  123. Dock Holiday
  124. Filthy Oar
  125. Anchor Management
  126. Seariously?
  127. Old Man and the Sea
  128. Boatzilla
  129. Can’t Anchor Us
  130. Cast Away
  131. Docktales
  132. Snack Attack
  133. Bass Boss
  134. Float My Boat
  135. The Love Boat
  136. Holy Ship!
  137. Sea Ya!
  138. The Codfather Part II
  139. Fisherman’s Friend
  140. Floating Fortress
  141. Sea-duction
  142. Buoy Meets World
  143. Dream Weaver
  144. Water Bed
  145. Barnacle Busters
  146. Marlin Monroe
  147. Life’s a Beach
  148. Cods Gift
  149. What the Hull?
  150. Bow Wow
  151. Maiden Voyage
  152. Nauti Time
  153. A Fish Called Wander
  154. Seariously Funny
  155. The Happy Hooker
  156. Berthday Present
  157. Throttle Jockey
  158. Ship Disturber
  159. Hunky Dory
  160. Sloop Doggy Dogg
  161. Happy Ours
  162. Wave Goodbye
  163. Funny Foam
  164. Ocean Devotion
  165. Sea Monster
  166. Not Yachting Around
  167. She’s a Beauty
  168. The Love Float
  169. Ship Happens
  170. Sail Pending
  171. Baby on Board
  172. Scuba Doo
  173. Under the Sea
  174. Fish Tales
  175. Right of Way
  176. Fin & Tonic
  177. Pierless Beauty
  178. Oar-gasmic
  179. Fish n’ Sips
  180. Dream Buoy
  181. The Aquanaut
  182. Whale of a Time
  183. Buoy Oh Buoy
  184. Heave Ho
  185. Sea-duction
  186. King Cod
  187. The Cod Squad
  188. Marooned
  189. Bait and Switch
  190. Ship Tease
  191. Aye Aye, Captain!
  192. Yacht A Know
  193. Sail Away
  194. Making Waves
  195. Dock Star
  196. Scallywag
  197. Shell Yeah!
  198. It’s Reel
  199. Endless Summer
  200. Titanic 2.0


Choosing a funny boat name is not only entertaining but also a way to express your personality and love for the sea. With so many humorous options to consider, take your time, and find a boat name that resonates with you and your fellow sailors. Whether it’s a clever pun, a pop culture reference, or a play on words, a funny boat name will undoubtedly add a touch of joy to your boating adventures.



  1. Can I change my boat’s name if I get tired of it?
    • Yes, you can change your boat’s name, but it’s considered bad luck by maritime tradition. Proceed with caution!
  2. Do funny boat names affect the boat’s performance?
    • Not at all! A boat’s name is all about personal expression and has no impact on its performance.
  3. Are there any rules for naming a boat?
    • While there are no strict rules, it’s best to avoid offensive or inappropriate names to maintain a positive boating community.
  4. Can I use a boat name that someone else already has?
    • It’s best to choose a unique boat name to avoid confusion at marinas and docks.
  5. Should I include my boat’s name in the insurance policy?
    • Yes, it’s essential to include your boat’s name in the insurance policy for identification purposes.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the process of naming your boat, and let your creativity sail to new horizons!



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